Top 5 Chrome Extensions Perfect for Everyone | Everything You Need to Know

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Chrome Extensions

Top 5 Chrome Extensions Perfect for Everyone

Google Chrome is one of the best browser in the world which is known for its speed, simplicity, and security. Over 2 billion users are using the chrome browser worldwide which makes it the most popular browser in the world.

The strength of the google chrome browser is its ability to integrate with other google services. We can extend browser functionality using extensions.

Small scripts are installed on your browser to perform multiple functions. Many extensions are created by google but the majority of extensions are created worldwise by third parties for various goals.

What is Google Chrome Extenstion?

It’s a small program to modify the experience or add functionality to the chrome browser. They’re created using web technology like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.
The main aim of an extension is to serve a single purpose around which the whole program is erected, although it can have multiple factors they should help in negotiating the main purpose of the program.
An extension should have the minimum interface or it can extend to a web runner also but the main focus is to give good functionality with lower outflow.
The extension is zipped into a by. crx package, the user needs to download the package and install it. Chrome extension is published in the Chrome web store.

Top 5 Best Extensions for Google Chrome

Chrome Extensions
Chrome Extensions

There are many extensions for different purposes. We are sharing the most usable chrome extensions with you.

1. Grammarly : Best Extension for Writers, Marketers & Freelancer

As a marketer, freelance, or entrepreneur, you always deal with written content. Either you write something or get it written by someone differently for your point or social media pages. Still, your job isn’t over after you are done with writing.

You have to proofread your composition to make sure it’s indefectible. The problem is that indeed if you’re a good writer with an estimable grip on the alphabet, some miscalculations may slip through the cracks occasionally.

You may miss some papers or prepositions. That is where Grammarly pops up! I absolutely love it. And luckily, it has an extension for Chrome as well.

Grammarly’s Google Chrome extension helps you write grammatically correct blog or social media posts. It enables you to proofread your content while you are writing it. Then are many effects you can do with Grammarly’s Chrome extension

  • Set your tone and style
  • Find the right words to express your-self
  • Proofread while you’re writing in Chrome
  • Ameliorate your papers and prepositions operation
  • And more. It’s a must-have Google Chrome extension for everyone working online. That brings us to the coming contender then onboard.

2. Keywords Everywhere : Chrome Extension for SEO Keyword Reseach

Keyword Everywhere is a Chrome extension suggests related keywords. You can pay for the premium version for more functionality of the extension. We believe it’s the best extension for SEOs and online marketers. 

With this extension, you can

  • You get Keyword Search Volume
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • Raking Difficulties on Goole

3. SimilarWeb : Rank, Traffic and Webiste Analysis

SimilarWeb is an online tool that helps you do an analysis of your search volume, rank traffic of your website. By analyzing your traffic, you can figure out the most effective ways to gain profit and increase sales.

Features of Similar Web Chrome Extension

  • Get Traffic Insights of Your Website
  • Explore Visitors Data
  • Date wise Data Analysis
  • Find Keyword Trends
  • Get Website Search Volume

Similar Web is the one of the best chrome extension for analysing websites and SEO.

4. ColorZilla : Pick Color of Any Site’s

ColorZilla is a color picker extension for chrome browser. Simply just download and activate this extension and you can pick colors from any site. ColorZilla helps developers and designers to work with colors like.

Features of ColorZilla

  • Pick Color from any Site.
  • Adjust RGB, HEX, HSV Values of Colors.
  • Save and Copy Color Picked from Website.

5. INSSIST : Instagram Assistant

If you want to use Instagram from your pc or laptop for uploading video covers, scheduling posts, the Inssist chrome extension will help you with that. It makes it easy to upload photos, videos, stories, carousel on Instagram.

You can schedule any post you want using inssist chrome extension.

Which Chrome Extension You Like?

The Internet nowadays plays a very important role in business. We have shared the Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions with you which we and most of the people use worldwide. However Everyone uses a different chrome extension, For Example, If you are Instagrammer then you can use inssist. But if you are a writing freelancer you can use Grammarly. Comment below which extension you use most.


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