How to make money using WhatsApp

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How to make money using Whatsapp

How to make money using WhatsApp: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are those social media application that has become a part of our daily lives. Can you imagine a single day without your phone buzzing with the tone of these apps? Or without the internet. It has become our morning habit to check all notification we missed while we were asleep.

The usage of social media apps has increased day by day. They are engaging us more than anything else. Is the question that is we using them to the fullest? Can we monetize these apps? A YouTube video creator could earn money out of their talent. While WhatsApp does not give permission to earn money with the commercial transaction and give advertisements it still helps in a plenty of ways to give you’re earning a boost. The best part about the WhatsApp messaging app is that almost the world is using this application.

Why choose WhatsApp for your Online Business?

Let’s see how the Whatapp is going on in India. There has been a significant increase in the number of WhatsApp users in India. Among other countries, India is known to be the largest and most widespread user of WhatsApp. In 2013 WhatsApp was launched here in India and in that very year, it had about twenty million users. Now in 2018, it has crossed the record of 200 million. The whole world is using WhatsApp Application, so there is very less chance you will miss out on important clients and customers. The customer with whom you want to do business is probably already using Whatsapp. WhatsApp provides with the widest option of sending a multimedia. Since whatsapp is used only with one person with only one person, it is easy and trustworthy. Let us guide you how it can be done.

Feature of WhatsApp

Personal chat, broadcasts, group chat and the recent status options provided by WhatsApp is the key to make fine business. Multimedia like texts messages, videos, pictures, contacts, files, gifs and now Stickers can be shared through WhatsApp. You can send relevant data to the desired customers and the customers can respond as their will. A great deal can be shared and explained to a customer with all the details. WhatsApp also provides you with a video call or Audio call option where you can connect to your customers better.

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How much can one Earn Online using WhatsApp?

The earning through WhatsApp is unpredictable, but it is assured with more effort comes in more money. The first requirement is to contact. If you have a sufficient amount of contacts with clients you easily spread words and advertise. If you have 20 people maybe one will respond but in a group of 256 probably 20 might. On an average, you can earn anything in between Rs.4000 to Rs.12000 minimum.

Methods to make money on WhatsApp

Provide different paid services:

There are many types of paid services required for a different field that is provided through WhatsApp. All you have to do is promote your service and make your service clear to the clients. Then personally contact them and provide the best service.

Selling and Buying through WhatsApp :

WhatsApp has become a wide platform for many Indian businessmen. Buying and selling goods are easily available on WhatsApp at your fingertips. The most important point is having contacts. Make yourself known to your customers. Let them know what product you sell. Make yourself available to respond to all their queries about the product or any other details.

Create a group chat. More the number of people you reach the more is the chance to get a response. You could create a WhatsApp group and add all your contacts and ask these links to add their contacts. It will help to increase the number of customers and also limit them to known people. Also, there are many groups created which brings together a huge group and enables them to do business with it. With this group, you can share more product to more contacts than just your known people from all over places.

Start by promoting your products in groups. Send attractive images and multimedia, sticker to describe the product and its features. Business does not take place in a day. It requires lots of advertisements. If a customer shows interest in your product makes the sale of personalized text. Promote your business to others to get respond more. Be patient, if you lose a customer. Wait for another customer. Give offers to your customers so they find difficult to refuse.

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Here you can accept and improve your mistakes and help your business grow further. A customer would like to send a text message instead of calling the helpline desk. The texts are read and answered quickly but phone calls may not connect, or the customer will have to wait to get the help.

You can receive your payment in online wallets like paytm or other such apps or directly to your bank account once the product is purchased.


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