What is Share Market?

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What is share market

Welcome Friends. Today we are going to tell in this article What is Share Market. Friends when a stock company is registered and sold in the NSC or BSE on a stock exchange, we call the stock market. Buying shares of any company mean you are taking part in that company. Suppose a company has a hundred share and you just buy 1 share of the company So you have become a share of 1 percent of that company. Then the company gives it to you with that person’s share of your advantages and disadvantages according to your investment.

What Is a Stock?

All of us have heard about the stock market, so it has a common definition. A stock is a part of a company when a company needs a lot of money and then divides the parts of its company, then that one part of the company is called 1 share When we purchase shares, its money goes to that company and the company makes that money to grow its business.

How to enter in share market?

Before investing in the stock market, you can get as much information about it as possible. Otherwise, The risk is very big in the stock market. Many times this happens, you do not have the right information about a company and you buy his share and you get a big loss. That is why before looking at any company’s stock, look closely at that company’s background details.

How to sell and buy a share in the stock market?

You need a demat account to buy shares in the stock market. The demat account is open in 2 ways. The first method is to go to the registered broker in a stock exchange and open Demat account. To open a demat account, you must have a savings account in any bank and with this, you need a PAN card base card and address proof. You can also trade in NSE and BSE through Demat Account. You can also trade in NSC and BSP through Demat Account The way we deposit money in our bank account. If you are thinking of investing in the stock market now, but it is very important to have a demat account. Whatever your profits working in the stock market, it comes in your demat account only. Demat accounts can be opened from any bank, if you open this register with fever, then you will get more benefit And you get great support here! And a stockbroker gives you a good return by investing as well as investing in a good company.

Stock exchange in India

There are 2 main exchanges in India

1.  Mumbai Stock Exchange

2. National Stock Exchange

We will talk about these two exchange what they are actually and how they work  now we are talking about What is Share Market so let’s focus on this topic

We can buy and sell a share only from this Exchange Mumbai Stock Exchange(BSE), National Stock Exchange(NSE) Brokers who are both are members of these two exchanges. You can trade in the stock market by registering tax only. You can not buy and sell shares in Direct in any stock market.

Final Word

Guys, I hope the information given in this small article should have been understood if you liked it and then please share it. We have tried to understand What is Share Market in this article?



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